The main elements in red clay, along with their crystal structures are: magnesium oxide (MgO) – HC; Sodium (Na) – CCC; iron oxide (Fe2O3) – CCC; copper oxide (CuO) – CFC; potassium oxide (K2O) – CCC; iron (Fe) – CCC; copper (Cu) CFC – and chromium (Cr) – CCC.
(HENKE, 2012; Gopinath et al. 2003; Sampaio, 2008; STARIOLO, 2009).

The red clay is a noble one due to its efficient action in skin rejuvenation:

– Stimulates blood circulation.
– Speeds up metabolism, stimulating less active people.
– Stimulates the effect of drainage and oxygenation of the skin, specifically in cases of lesions such as papules, blisters, pustules and skin flaking due to detoxification.
– Rejuvenating masks. It softens lines of expressions and increases the glow of skin.
– Reduces measurements by stimulating body fluid movement, helping to accelerate drainage.